Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gloria in Africa

It is quite amazing to me when a photographer travels to another place, another country, another continent and comes home with images that are.....well they are amazing. My friend and photographer, Gloria Baker Feinstein, has done just that. She recently made a trip to Uganda, Africa. Gloria went for a workshop where she was to help document Non-government Organizations. She wanted to concentrate on an orphanage. In two and a half weeks she had some amazing experiences with the people, along with having her laptop disappear along with many of the images she had taken. Still she brought home some beautiful, evocative images.

It was a life changing experience and one of the things that she is doing is trying to set up a Foundation to help the children in the orphanage. I hope that you will go to her blog take a look at more of her images and read her story.

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