Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Can You Name This?

During Day of the Dead the flower stands leading to the cemetery had big galvanized tubs full of this flower. Does anyone know what flower it is and something about it?


Claudine said...

Is it as red as it appears in the pic? I see something similar, but a deep purple growing on the top ledge of a stone wall. So deep a color of purple, that on a day with a blue sky plays tricks on my eyes as the colors seem to jump out at me.

Billie said...

Claudine, I think the color is pretty accurate....kind a lighter color of red cockscombs. But what you saw might be the same plant just a different could come in more than one color or the color could change based on the chemistry of the soil.

Anonymous said...

Well I saw your flowers yesterday! An old Mexican woman was sitting ont he curb in front of LaConexion with a bucket full.......I think they are wildflowers. I was sure I would remember what she told me and kept repeating it to myself and today I can't remember except that it started with a "c". These darn "senior moments". That lady is right in the doorway of LaConexion many days on Aldama! Good luck.