Friday, November 03, 2006

3200 ISO

I have had the Canon 5D camera for almost a year and in all that time, I haven't tried using it at 3200 ISO. Last night at the cemetery I did. Handheld, 3200 ISO after dark. I'm amazed at how little noise I see in this image.


Tommy Williams said...

I envy you the 5D. But I'm still getting good pictures from my 20D so it's hard to justify a change, especially since I just bought a Fuji F30 so that I would have a camera with me at all times -- something I tried to do with the 20D but which just didn't work out.

Now I just have to train myself to turn the camera on and take pictures instead of just looking and thinking, "Hmm, that might be an interesting picture."

Billie said...

Tommy, with the cost of digital I think we are all going to have to skip a model or two before the next purchase. But the 5D is a nice camera. A big improvement over my Canon 10D. I recently used the 10D for something and I was shocked at how "clunky" it seemed.

Ed Portis said...

What was the shutter speed? If the only light was from the candles, this is a very impressive picture.

Jon of SMA said...

Totally kuwl image.

Billie said...

Ed, 1/25th @f4
Lens 24-104 f4 lens at 32 mm
And it was only candle light.