Friday, October 06, 2006

Getting the Job Done

This morning we have been watching a good example of Mexican ingenuity to get the job done. We heard some different noises in the street and when we looked out this metal structure was there. Alfredo has a metal working shop inside the stone walls in the upper right corner. There is no way to get this structure out his door that you can barely see at the end of the white truck so the only way we can figure that they were able to get it on the street was to pull it up the side of the house that is being built from his patio, then lower it down to the street but that also meant that they had to knock down the front brick wall of the house under construction. I don't have any idea if or what kind of arrangements were made to do that.

At this point they decided that the longer legs needed to be on the bottom not on the side so the three men maneuvered it into place. We still didn't know what they were going to do with this piece but then we realized that it was going on the white pickup truck. By having someone on the roof of the house and the other two working from below, they managed to get it in place. I wish I could adequately describe this to you but ropes broke, the metal legs got stuck on things so the piece would not move. This wasn't a slip it in and slide it on process. I just knew that at any minute they would lose control of the piece and someone would be hurt. There were no loud was just three men working together to get a job done.
Finally it was on the truck, tied down and ready to be delivered. Thankfully there is only one overpass in town so they don't have to contend with that but there are lots of low electric lines. When we have a procession and a santos is being carried through the streets, there are always men who go along with tall poles to push the lines up and over the santos. I don't have a clue how far this load has to go or how they are going to deal with the low power lines. But I don't doubt for a minute that they will get the job done.

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madpotter said...

I feel I can accomplish anything after following this marvel of planning and accomplishment! I came across your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading many of the postings. I have often dreamed of one day living in someplace like San Miguel. I suppose too many Americans have a similar dream.

Thanks for the stunning images you've skillfully placed throughout! I'll return often!