Friday, October 06, 2006

Damp and Cool

The weather is changing in San Miguel de Allende. The nights are getting cooler. Last night we didn't turn on the fan and the windows were closed. Probably in the next week or so we will close the curtains in the bedroom to keep a little more cool air out and we'll close the little bathroom window too. It is almost time to switch from the cotton blanket to the warming blanket on the bed. Usually as it starts to get colder, we have chilly mornings but blue skies and soon the temperature warms up. You start out the day with a sweater but soon it is off and tied around your waist. But today, it was misting rain when we got up EARLY because once again the garbage truck came before it was light. It is still misty, damp and cool.
This was the view from the front terrace to the back terrace. The bougainvillea is just coming back in bloom. We have been into a barren season for this fuchsia colored one so I'm glad to see it showing its colors again. Also the geraniums on the back terrace are very happy right now.

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La Gringa said...

I envy you your cool weather. It has become a little more bearable at night, but rarely will we ever need a blanket in La Ceiba.