Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kitchen Design

We have been waiting for a week and a half to see a design for our kitchen that was being done by a kitchen design store in the big city.....Queretaro. After several phone calls from us asking when it would be ready they finally said come on Saturday so yesterday we drove to Queretaro. Driving in Queretaro is still difficult for us. We have our route to WalMart, Costco and Liverpool shopping center figured out but after that we use a map and we still get lost. It is amazing how many exits off the freeway are not marked.

We walk into the shop and right away I think we both felt that things were not going to go well. It looked so American subdivision unlike this little rustica Mexican house. Two weeks ago when they came to take the measurements of our kitchen so they could do the design, we tried to tell them what we wanted to do in the kitchen, how we wanted to maintain the style of the house. The man who came spoke English, I thought he understood what we said but I was concerned from the start because he didn't ask a single question about what we needed in the kitchen or how we used the kitchen. Well, I can tell you from the plan they put together that we had not communicated. He eliminated about six feet of kitchen counter top and I don't have that much to start with and then he put the refrigerator on a wall, a refrigerator without a cabinet on either side of it, just standing alone on a long wall. Now that is just plain bad design.

I had brought the magazine pictures that I had used two weeks ago to help me explain what we wanted and also a picture of a little carved china cabinet that we have now to see if some carving can be incorporated into the facing of the cabinets. No problema, but it will take another week to redesign the kitchen. Excuse me, but at this point we have measured and talked about the kitchen until we have a design for it in our heads. I think we are going to look for another way to execute our design.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Send me your plans and let me see....Scan them, will ya'? While I won't presume to know about kitchens than you, I mean, you da' woman! But I've been in a kitchen or two and designed a couple. Maybe I can help.


La Gringa said...

Hi Billie, I just left a message but I think it crashed and burned.

I just started reading your blog but stopped to comment on this post. Why not get some graph paper and design your own kitchen? That's what we had to do here in La Ceiba, Honduras.

We had a similar experience with a 'professional designer' in San Pedro Sula except that we *never* got a design at all.

We're very happy with the results.

Okay, now I'm back to reading your blog again.