Saturday, September 09, 2006

Informe - State of the Town

Last night was the Mayor's Informe or State of the Town Annual City Government Speech and it was held in front of the Parroquia. A huge stage was set up and there were tables for the "City Council" to sit on stage too. A colorful banner backed the stage and in front were folding chairs. The first two or three rows were filled with men in black business suits and ladies also in proper business suits. I wish I could understand more Spanish because I heard him speak several times about Colonia San Antonio where we live. I don't know if he was talking about the money the city had spent on our Colonia or if it was about something else. But just as in the USA the seated crowd listened and applauded when he made a point that they liked.

We saw our friends Sandy and Aggie and slipped around the back of the stage during the speech to go check out the Oratoria church to see what was happening for the Celebration of the Feast of the Virgin of Loreto. The Mass was over but the ladies of the church were lined up outside at folding tables selling some very tantalizing desserts. We milled around for a while and then headed back over to the San Francisco Cafe on the Jardin. The speeches were still in progress when we went into the restaurant but soon there were fireworks to let the town know that the Mayor had spoken. We ordered dinner and talked but all the while we could hear some music coming from the Jardin so as soon as we finished dinner we headed toward the gazebo in the center of the Jardin.

A great band was playing salsas and all around the gazebo there were couples dancing. Some young people but some of the "old marrieds" were dancing too and everyone was having a lively time. The circle around the gazebo was filled with families with children. Sometimes the children would break into a dance or maybe a game of chase across the "dance floor". One little boy kept climbing up the outside of the gazebo and jumping off the platform. While we were there he must have done this 12 or 15 times. Why don't children, especially boys, ever get tired?

The band stopped playing and in minutes all their instruments were packed up and out of the gazebo. We thought about going someplace for dessert but dinner had been too good at the San Francisco Cafe so we walked back to Colonia San Antonio. Outside of the Jardin the town was very quiet and still. Shortly after we got into bed a light rain started to fall. It was good sleeping weather. While there are things that could be improved, I think the "State" of this town is just magical.

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