Thursday, September 14, 2006

Crime Report

We were instantly awake when the doorbell rang this morning at 5:00 AM. We have a communication system for the door and Ned picked it up. It was our neighbor, Carlos, saying that he saw someone crawling up the front of our house via the iron bars on the outer windows and he had called the police and they were here. We went down. Carlos and Olga were in the street with three policeman. One policeman came back in the house with Ned to check out the house. No sign that anyone tried to get in the locked windows in the studio or from the terrace but our Mexican flag that had been attached to the iron bars to honor Mexican Independence Day was gone.

With all the attention focused on crime and procedures during the rapes that occurred in San Miguel, it was announced that the Preventative Police would now be using a three-part form to make reports. Well either the Police didn't consider this a crime or the three-part form has gone by the wayside. The only information that was taken was Ned's name and age and it was recorded on a little 3x4 tablet like you can stick in a shirt pocket. I don't know why they needed Ned's age but it would not have surprised me if they had asked for his parents names. This kind of information is very important here. After a few minutes the police left, we shook hands with the neighbors and thanked them and we all went back to bed.

About 7:00 AM when Ned walked the dog, Senora C was washing her front walk. I swear that woman puts all the other women in the Colonia to shame. Sometimes she washes clothes and hangs them out on her roof at 6:00 AM. I think if I started washing my front walk at 6:30 she would be out there at 6:00. She asked what had happened. She had heard someone running down the street earlier in the morning and then had seen the police car and all of us standing around under the window. Another neighbor came out and she too heard someone running down the street around 5:00 AM. They both said that they would like to have our phone number so they could call us if anything suspicious was happening.

We don't officially have a Neighborhood Watch Program in our Colonia but I feel like we have good neighbors who are watching.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that rogue flag stealer needed it for a demonstration north of the border ;-)

In our Colonia in Xico we had a trash can destroyed by a borracho tussling with police in our driveway! Our neighbor had called the policia when he saw this fellow wandering around our property.

The neighbor even saw that the borracho replace the damaged refuse container - and he did. Good neighbors south of the border.

John Calypso

Jon of SMA said...

Bilie, it is amazing how all of the people down here in San Miguel seem to look out for each other. It is great that nothing other than the flag has gone missing, but also that your Colonia has such an effective watch group.

Enjoy the festivaties tonight, we are planning to stay in the campo as there will be just way too many people in town.