Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ann Richards, Texas Governor 1990-1994

I'm sad to read that Ann Richards has died. She was Governor of Texas. She lived life to its fullest with zest. She stood up to the good old Texas boys and made a splash on the national political scene with charm and a spicy wit. She was not an intellectual but she was very intelligent and had political savvy combined with doing what she saw as right for Texas even if it cost her politically. As we say in Texas, she cut a wide path and her boots will be hard to fill.

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Anonymous said...

I so admired Ann for the fact that she could admit her flaws anf fight for the "little guy" and make a difference! A grand gutsy broad........the likes of which I doubt we will ever see again in the political arena. I'm hangin' on to Molly Ivins to try to try to keep "them honest".