Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What do ya think?

Blogger has a new beta with new features. I'm playing with some of those features so you may see this blog change some over the next few weeks. I'm especially excited to be able to have categories. I was beginning to look at other providers because I wanted to be able to categorize my posts. Also, although I like the photos on the black background, the white print on black is hard to read. So, I'll be playing around with the new features.


Anonymous said...

I like the colors and layout - I am disapponted that my billing has gone down via alphabetical order (you are FIRST on mine) - but seriously it looks great - I would go with it.

John Calypso

Deb said...

I loved your vivid pictures on the black background, but, you're right, it was difficult to read. This new format looks great! I do miss seeing Emily's blog on your list of favorites. I wish her well.

Billie said...

Deb, I assume you know that she closed it down because of harrassment.

Brenda said...

Hi, it looks great, and yes it is much easier to read. Have fun playing with it.

Deb said...

I had read some of the questionable comments posted on Emily's blog. I wasn't sure of the reason if that was the reason she quit writing until I read John's post.
Please keep writing from Mexico! It is worth it and I, for one, enjoy reading!
Have a great day!

Gary and Judie said...

Thank you for taking away the black background! I found it so difficult to read that I copied your text onto a word processing document to read!

Thank you, also, for such an intimate glimpse into life in Mexico.

Judie Ashford

Billie said...

Gary and Judie, Thanks for reading the blog....even though the black was difficult...and even though the blog is about Mexico and lots of other stuff in my life. I liked the photographs surrounded by black but there is a lot of content here too and that surprises even me. I'm going to try to make it easier to read and follow threads with some formating and tags but I'm going to go slow and see how the beta develops.