Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Eating out in San Miguel De Allende

Since last Wednesday when we entertained Rick and Deb, our kitchen has been closed. Not on purpose, just the way it has worked out.

Thursday we went into the centro to see Jess Zimmerman's art show and afterward followed it up with a drink with friends and then a light snack at the San Francisco Cafe on the Jardin. We do that a lot so nothing new to report from there.

Friday night was dinner with my friend Phil and Jean joined us. We decided to try the fairly new restaurant Bacca that has moved into the space vacated by Bella Italia in the Sautto Hotel. I love the space because it is a patio with tables and umbrellas, a covered portico and also tables on the inside. Wonderful Mexican feeling to the place. Unfortuntely the food doesn't have a Mexican flare and what is even worse, in my opinion it is barely medicore and what is even worse than that, the food is overpriced. Still the company was great and we really enjoyed catching up with friends.

Saturday we walked through a fairly steady rain to meet my friend Barbara who I've known for sometime and we were also meeting Don whose blog I've been reading for almost a year. We were trying Dila on Ancha de San Antonio. Dila has taken over the space where La Vida use to be. The personable and talented restaurant owner and chef is from Sri Lanka and the food is a mix of Indonesian flavors with a pinch of Mexican ingredients thrown in. He talked to us and told us that he plans to change the menu frequently. The menu we had was about two weeks old and he is working on new recipes for the next one. I hope he keeps the Vietnam Spring Rolls on the new one. Muy Delicioso! He can please any taste with sauces from eye popping hot to mild chutneys. Between the four of us we tried several lamb dishes and a fish. All were very good. Oh, and we spent less than we had the night before on poor food. Dila is recommended when you are ready for a change from Mexican food fare.

Sunday, friends were in from Houston, so we took them to ChaChaCha for a Sunday Comida. Always a good choice and very economical.

Monday night we were treated to a lovely dinner at Bella Italia on Calle Canal by our friend Meg. Aaron and Janeal joined us too. We had not eaten in the restaurant since they moved to the new location. We had some lovely appetizers and salads and then tried fish, veal and pasta dishes. Everyone cleaned their plates. It was delicious.

Some of you may be thinking that we are on quite a busy social calendar but it doesn't seem that way at all. If feels more like a nice walk to a restaurant, meeting a few friends and sitting at a table, breaking bread together, sipping a glass of wine and just talking. And the best part is, there are no dishes to wash.


Brenda said...

Sounds good and I like the no dishes part. LOL

Champurrado said...

I always find that dinners out are not so much about the food as about the people and the food.

Claudine said...

I want to retire soon too! Sounds like a fun.


Billie said...

Claudine, you don't have to be retired to have dinner with friends. It is just a little harder with young kids. LOL

Champurrado, I agree. While I love to cook and put good food on the table, the best part is always the conversation.

And Brenda, While I like the cooking, I don't like the dishes after everyone has left...especially here...no dishwasher. I know, I'm spoiled.