Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blog Readership

Jon who writes San Miguel Photos sent me this link from FreshBlog about getting your blog read. I've seen some of these ideas before. Always one of the first ideas is to write about something unique and have a focused blog.

When I read that, the old executive, competitive me kicks in and I start thinking about how I could change this blog and get more readers.


The reasons for this blog are:
Family and friends who are interested can keep up with us.
I like to write.

I have lots of interests and activities. I don't want a focused blog. I just want to write about whatever I want to write about any time I want to write. I will incorporate some of the features in the new Blogger Beta, but I don't want this blog to turn into a competition or work. I started it for fun and I want it to stay fun for me.


Anonymous said...

Hola Senora Billie:

I totally agree - Write WHEN you want and WHAT you want. A lot of unknown people can burn off all your bandwidth - I have been there ;-(

As soon as someone pays me full time I will write to please myself and inform my friends.

Saludos - Juan Calypso

Babs said...

Hey Billie - I have Tony cohan's new book and you are welcome to borrow it......Don read it also and loved it.

Anonymous said...

As soon as someone pays me full time I will write to please myself and inform my friends.

Sorry ABOVE I meant to write UNTIL someone pays me full time I will write to please myself and inform my friends.

There my fingers go getting ahead of my brain - happens often ;-( It would be nice if the Comment section allowed the author editing rights. OR I guess we could read the comment before publishing it - duh! ;-0

Saludos - Juan Calypso

Heather said...

Exactly! I started writing my blog because I always liked keeping a journal and blogging let me write whenever I was near a computer and not having to worry about forgetting to bring my journal book.

I also liked having it on the Internet as a way of keeping family and friends up-to-date on what our daughter is doing, as that takes up a lot of my writing.

Gary and Judie said...

Is there an advantage to having lots of readers who are people you don't know? I can understand if one is using a blog as an income stream with advertising, but why else?

That said, you don't know me, but I certainly enjoy reading your blog. However, my interest is in the posts about photography, as I have little interest in Mexico.


Billie said...

Judie, I'm flattered if you have been reading my blog because of your interest in photography. I've been thinking about writing more about photography.....if I ever get through this Spanish class. I'm still mulling how to use labels in the blog but if I ever figure out how to best use them, it may help you sort and skip the entries that you don't want to read.

Heather, I still keep a journal but not as a part of the blog. The blog is to public for most of the things that I want to write in the journal or too boring for the blog as sometimes I write about the same issue over and over as I sort through the problem.

And thanks to all for commenting and reading.

Gary and Judie said...

Oh, Billie, I read every word . . . wouldn't want to skip over anything important. The rest of your blog entries tell me about you, and this, in turn, tells me about your photography. It isn't really possible to separate them out. What you are as a person, and what you feel and do, is what you are as a photographer, and it is all wrapped up together.



Anonymous said...

Billie, I just thought I'd say hello, CA Cousin -Mike