Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We are back home in San Miguel de Allende. We left Monday after I saw the eye doctor.

And by-the-way she thinks my new eyes are doing great. I definitely have great distance vision although the mid-distance and close up isn't as good as I'd like for it to be. She thinks with a little more time, those will be fine too. I'm not worried about it. If I have to wear glasses, I'm alright with that so long as I can see at all distances very well. Right now I'm using some drug store glasses until my vision settles in and the brain has some more time to adjust to the new lenses.

On Monday afternoon we drove to Laredo. Although we don't usually make reservations, Ned made us some at the Family Garden Inn. We are glad he did. Mexican schools just started their summer holiday and the place was packed with families from both sides of the border and with men in company pickup trucks who must be working in the area. I don't think we would have gotten a room if we would not have had reservations. The Family Garden Inn isn't elegant but they let Taylor the dog stay there and they have a open air kitchen in the "garden" where you can get hotdogs or fajitas, steaks, chicken dinners. They food isn't bad and it is definitely convenient when you are traveling with a dog.

This morning we crossed the bridge about 6:30 and pulled up in front of our house before 4:00 PM. It is a long drive but I love the wide open views across the semi-arid valleys to the mountains....seeing all the colors of greens and ochres, the mountains like folds of a cloth with cloud shadows moving across the landscape.

It is always wonderful to circle the glorieta and start down the mountain into San Miguel and see it spread out and climbing up the mountainsides. To pick out landmarks, the churches, the calles Cinco de Mayo and Ancha de San Antonio. And as we get closer to start looking at the shops....here is a new one, oh that restaurant closed, that remodeling is coming along.

Although we hear there has been rain, today everything looks dusty. Carmela has kept the plants watered and the house clean. Still the house just doesn't look right until we are here for a day or two. We need flowers in front of the Virgen of Guadalupe, books rearranged, fruit in a bowl, windows open....then it will be like home.

There is a full moon tonight. We are waiting for it to appear over the mountains. Then off to bed.

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Jerry M. Pine said...


I'm glad that you're home safe and sound. Hope that you had a good night's sleep.