Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First Day Back

This morning we started in trying to put away the things we brought from Houston. More we will really be here full time. More dishes....not a lot but I had Gorky Gonzales dishes in Houston too and I wanted to have more than 8 place settings here. Cuisinart....I've missed having one here. More books.....well, what can I say. I like books and I wanted more of cookbooks here as well as a few others. I'd love to have all of my photography books here but I packed six or seven boxes of just photography books for storage. No where, absolutely no where for them here.

It is going to take some work to get these all put away and it really highlights the need to finish furnishing the studio which will include some bookshelves. Also, we need to re-do the kitchen including cabinets and countertops and make some storage in the dining room. So it looks like another construction project coming up soon.

Next on the agenda for today was a trip to the grocery store. Ned went into town for the mail and then we met up at the grocery. It feels good to walk to get to where you want to go. Bread, bacon, mayo, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, avocado, eggplant, spaghetti, tomato juice, mangos etc. Now we have enough for dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning. A dozen roses for the table. Not too big a load to carry home.

It is starting to look like home. Tomorrow I'll go to the Ramirez Mercado and buy some vegetables for dinner tomorrow night to go with whatever meat I buy at the Carniceria across the street. And of course, fresh flowers come in on Wednesday afternoon so I'll buy a big bouquet to put in the niche for the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Good to be home.


Claudine said...

I know what you mean, I like getting my fresh food daily too. I'm starting to get used to carrying papaya, tomatoes and meat across the corn fields to get to my in-law's house from the mercado. THe mountain air has been great to me. Glad your eyes are well.

BillieS said...

We just had dinner. The salad of red tip lettuce with tomato, cucumber, tomato and avocado was so good, so crisp. I'm convinced we eat much better here than in the USA.

Also I like starting off to the store with an idea but then planning a menu based on what I see that looks freshest. I think my cooking is more creative here.

Can you tell, I am glad to be home. LOL