Thursday, July 20, 2006

Batter Up

While we were back in the USA, we took care of a couple of our grandsons for a week. This is Will who will be seven years old in a couple of weeks. This boy either has a glove and ball or a bat in his hands most of his waking hours. One day we figure that he talked to me for about an hour about baseball and which of the players used steroids, who is the best hitter on his and his brother's little league teams. But then he had Pawpaw out playing catch with him then watching the Astros game with him. We figure that he talked baseball for about six hours straight to Pawpaw. During every Astro game, he is watching the whole game and swinging at pitches....while he talks of course. He is working on being a lefty and a righty at the plate. And when he is really swinging at the ball, he can connect. He went to a baseball camp and was clocked at 40 MPH when he pitches. They are not wild pitches.....over the plate. This obsession isn't just during baseball season. It is 12 months a year.

Brother Jack who is 10 years old is also a wonderful baseball player. He plays on a couple of little league teams. He plays as pitcher or catcher or I've also seen him in the outfield and at third base.

Can you imagine what their parents life is like? It is either going to practice, a little league game, a Rice University game or to see the Astros. Oh then of course they do have to go to school and do homework.

Raising boys is for much younger people than we are now!

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