Thursday, June 08, 2006


We have been busy, busy since the last entry on June 3. On Sunday we finished getting stuff out of the house after the Estate Sale, Monday the charity came to pick up stuff that was left and Avid Estate Sales made arrangement to take some pieces that had not sold to a consignment shop. Tuesday we had people in to clean the house and on Wednesday turned the house over to the new owners.

My life was so busy that I almost cancelled out of cataract surgery on Wednesday morning. Not only were we running at top speed but I was worried about having surgery on my eye. After a sleepless night, I went ahead and had the surgery. Everyone was very nice at the surgical center and they took good care of me. Other than eye drops that stung, I really didn't feel anything. Ned brought me home and I took a nap. I had a big patch on my eye. When I woke up from the nap I had a bit of discomfort. They told me not to take aspirin...take advil or tyenol instead. Ned was out running errands and we didn't have either of those. Fortunately I had some vicoden left over from bunion surgery a couple of years ago. I took one of them and went back to sleep. Haven't had a bit of discomfort since then.

For the lens replacement I choose the ReZoom lens. One of the side effects of the lens is starburst and halos that diminish over time. This morning when I woke up I was wondering if I had made a mistake. By this afternoon the problems had resolved themselves a lot. Still having some blurring and double vision but at my follow up visit this morning they told me I still have inflammation and swelling and as that subsides, I should see better. Seems like it is getting better hour by hour.

We are buying another lot in the inner city in Houston and after the doctor's visit we went to check on the lot to see where the survey lines were located since we were concerned about possible encroachment. The survey said that "rods" had been set but we couldn't find the rods. We called Janice Jamail our real estate agent. She had the survey company come back to stake and set the rods. We went over again this afternoon. The rods were there and if they are right we have problems with the boundaries of the lot. All parties have agreed to extensions to give everyone time to resolve the problems.

Will we ever get to just relax and enjoy Houston?

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