Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Books

You know how some people buy a souvenir when they go somewhere? I do too but typically my souvenirs are photography books. Part of our travel is stopping at any place that might have a gallery or museum showing photography. Often I can buy a book from the show or browse through their selection of photography books.

Today Raul who writes the blog Heading East, wrote about Panorama photographs. I immediately went to look for my book on Eugene O. Goldbeck about his Panoramic Photographs. Wow....I see that Amazon has two of the books for $225. When I bought mine, for much less, I knew it would become a collector's item because it was beautifully done with bi-fold and tri-fold panoramas and it was in a beautifully bound linen slipcover. I heard the the University of Texas Press said they would never publish anymore of the books because they were so difficult to produce.

I'm planning to store my books and not take them to Mexico. But when Raul's blog entry today sent me to my book shelves, I realized how much I love having all my photography books close by. I have some of my books in Mexico already but I may have to reconsider my decision to store all of them.

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