Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hey, Need An Enlarger?

The year 1999 was only 7 years ago but the world of photography has changed so much. I'm amazed as I sort through my stuff and realize how quickly this has happened.

I had longed for a better enlarger. Poured over their brochures, talked to people who had them, studied the specs. So when I bought a new wonderful enlarger, built like a tank, just before we moved into this house, I was so pleased. It was going to last forever. It is one fine piece of equipment. Adjustments are smooth and precise. The light source is uniform. The negative holders are solid and easy to use. Just one problem. I haven't used it in about two years. Oh, I've made and printed photographs but even when I've shot film, I haven't used the darkroom. I've gone digital. I scan and print on fine art paper with an inkjet printer.

I've chastised myself about not using this wonderful darkroom that was built in our house. I have this amazingly long sink. I have counter space. Storage space. I have fine equipment. After working for 18 years in a 5x7 closet, this is the darkroom of my dreams. But now that we are packing up and moving out of this house, out of this darkroom, I have to face the fact that I'll probably not ever have my own darkroom again.

I'm looking for good homes for my equipment. Now this is one thing about this move that makes me a little sad.

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