Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dad's Family

More stuff from my files. I found a listing of my Dad's family in my mother's handwriting. I think the list was made before 1945 the year my grandmother died. You wonder what thoughts and reasons went into the naming of these 11 babies.

Just looking at the list brought a flood of images. Some I'm sure were of the family and where they lived but others I'm not so sure is almost like they were the collection of all the images I've seen from the 1930's, FSA images and even books I've read that created environment and images through the words.

We forget how difficult life was for our families....and not that many years ago. So many babies did not survive the first year of life. My Dad at 14 years old went to work after his father died in 1930 to help support the family.

And yes, if you are looking through the dates, my Grandmother had 3 sets of twins.

His Father
Cassie Bianky Williams: Born April 14, 1884 - Died November 18, 1930

His Mother
Cara Emma Sanders Williams: Born April 3, 1886 - Died November 27, 1945

My Dad
Alfred Willie Williams: Born March 31, 1906 - Died July 4, 1984

His Brothers and Sisters
Viola Gladys Williams: Born September 7, 1904 - Died September 21, 1906

Helen Williams: Born May 10, 1912 - Died May 10, 1912

Clyde Williams: Born May 16, 1913 - Died May 16, 1913
Lillian Ida Williams Griffith: Born May 16, 1913 - Date unknown but she lived to maturity

Leonard Cassie Williams: Born November 8, 1914 - Date unknown but lived to maturity

Leona Williams: Born June 22, 1920 - Died November 18, 1920
Leon Williams: Born June 22, 1920 - Date unknown but lived to maturity

Thelma Williams Cantrell: Born September 12, 1921 - Date unknown but lived to maturity
Delma Williams Carpenter: Born September 12, 1921 - Date unknown but lived to maturity

Velma Williams Harper - Born Jan 16, 1924 - Date unknown but lived to maturity

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Brenda said...

More things growing in the attic? LOL LOL.
I was also looking through my family tree on my dads side of the family. A cousin spent alot of years researching it and has traced the family back to the 1600's,(in England) it is interesting reading. Finding and going through things like this does not speed up my cleaning schedule though. All the memorabilia that brings a smile to my face. My school report cards, my childrens report cards, their baptism gown, the list goes on and on and on. All of it with memories. It's kind of like "this is your life", isn't it?