Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mexican Waters

The aquamarine to deep blue waters off the coast of Cancun
The Gulf of Mexico of gentle blue waves
Surfer waves on the Pacific
The Agua Azul waterfalls
The second longest single drop waterfall, Cascada de Basaceachic
Deep cenotes
Hot water springs near San Miguel de Allende

I've seen all of these beautiful places of water in Mexico but I'm not drinking the water from the tap. No thank you. The Mexican Government has initiated a campaign touting the safety of the drinking water and I'm sure they have made great strides in improving it. In places like Cancun which is a new city, the water pipes and treatment plants are modern.

But in San Miguel even if the treatment plant is well run, I don't trust the water pipes. It is a weekly occurrence in our Colonia to have water pipe breaks with water running down the streets. Oh they come and fix the break faster than "On Mexican Time." Still the safety of the water has been breached. Add to that, some of the old houses in our neighborhood have a septic tank of some kind. We know people who have have found them when remodeling and while they might not be in use now, I think I'll continue to drink the bottled water.

Just one thing worries me, I've also read that 85% of the companies in Mexico that bottle water lack adequate hygiene controls.

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Jerry M. Pine said...


A number of years ago, SEARS had a home treatment system for rural areas and well water. It looks like a water softener, but with several tall cylinders.

Perhaps they, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, or OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) might have such a system.