Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Flying Trapeze

The flying trapeze act was always my favorite at the circus. There they were so high above the floor in sparkling costumes swinging out over space higher and higher. Suddenly they let go of their trapeze and did some flip or spin and then reached for the trapeze from the other side. But for a few seconds they were suspended in air, holding on to nothing. In my child's mind I thought it was the riskiest thing I had ever seen. They were changing from one trapeze to another and they were taking a risk everytime they did it. But there was no way to get from one side to the other without letting go of what was safe. Oh, how I admired these daredevils.

Change always has risk. Change is stressful. Change has uncertainties. Change can be good. Change can be bad. But we'll never know what is on the other side of the trapeze unless we let go of the old and grab for the new.

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