Friday, March 03, 2006

Holgas Here, Holgas There

Ted Orland, Assistant to Ansel Adams, co-Author of Art and Fear, Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking and now I find he is a fellow Holga user who always has his Holga with him.

Ted's Artist Statement reads:

....I'm afraid I really don't lead a fine-grained life. More often, I think,life is what happens while you're trying to set up your tripod. But my little $10 Holga camera (bless its little plastic heart) sees the world just the way I do, capturing life en passant.And really, what more could one ask for than for tools that become a natural extension of one's own spirit?

....Actually I own a whole bunch of Holgas. (Holgi?) They multiply like Tribbles: one for dim light, one for bright, one for time exposures, one with a magnifying glass taped on for close-ups. They beat Hasselblads at every turn, and for good reason: 1) Holgas float! 2) you don't have to buy a separate $65 Vignetting Filter; and 3) no one bothers to steal them. They're even optically superior, carefully filtering out excessive sharpness so that realism doesn't get mistaken for reality.

....And so I carry my little camera with me most everywhere, and then photograph pretty much whatever crosses my path. My theory is that if you lead an interesting life, you'll make interesting art. How could it be otherwise?
Ted Orland

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