Friday, March 03, 2006


Oh my, I picked up 3 rolls of 120 color film that I had developed at a lab, no prints, film not cut into strips. Cost $24.84. It has been a while since I had medium format color film developed....maybe a little more than a year....but I remember a cost of about $4-5 dollars a roll.

If I'm working on a project, I could easily have 15 to 20 rolls of film a week. That is a conservative guess. At $8.28 a roll....................that adds up fast. But so far nothing I have tried in Photoshop gives the same aesthetic quality as the Holga camera/lens. So a photographer has to do what a photographer has to do to make THE image. I'm afraid the cost is going to go even higher as film becomes the "Alternative Process."


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous what film process from start to finish costs - ugh! Digital pays for itself quickly if you are an avid shooter.

BillieS said...

Maybe it pays for itself and maybe it doesn't. Don't forget all of the support equipment for digital that is a never ending cycle of updating, plus external storage. However the cost of film and processing are getting pretty expensive. I think it will get worse.