Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Social Courtesy

Using social courtesies and customs are the glue that holds a culture together. Warren Hardy who has a language school in San Miguel says that in Mexico the basic courtesies came from Spain and you were considered educated based on whether or not you used the social forms. It was expected that the mother teach her children these courtesies and if her children did not learn them and use them she was not considered a proper mother. But we also have courtesies in the USA and as a Grandmother, I must say it is delightful to hear my grandsons using them. Their parents are doing a good job. Consider a recent call to the USA.

Hello, this is Jack Mercer speaking.
Hello Jack. This is Mimi. How are you?
I'm fine.
How is school?
Oh, it is good. I got my report card and I had A's and B+'s.
That is great. You are really working hard. How was Will's report card?
Oh, he is only in kindergarden and he doesn't get report cards yet.
Oh, I see........................Some other discussions.
May I speak to your father.
Yes, you may. Just one minute please.

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