Monday, December 26, 2005

A Different Christmas Day

For those of you in the snow, doesn't this look like a different kind of Christmas Day? Well, we don't often get any snow in Houston but this was still a different Christmas Day for us here in San Miguel. We were away from family for the first time ever. And maybe for the first time ever we didn't buy each other any presents. We have everything we need and almost everything we want. And I have to admit that the Canon 5D camera that I recently bought will take the place of any presents for quite some time in the future.

But we certainly were not lonely on Christmas Day. We went for brunch at Barry and Tracy's hacienda just a few blocks from us. I've written about their hacienda before. The house with deep porticos surrounds the pool. It is a house with a relaxed attitude.

There was a bunch of us including two families from Sweden who were visiting Mats and Ava our Swedish friends who live in San Miguel. Still there was room to sit at a table or lounge by the pool or under the portico on couches. And food........yes, there was plenty of food, more than enough food. All of it was delicious.

About 3:00 PM we went home for a little siesta then headed down the hill to Don and Patricia's house for a Christmas Dinner. I didn't think I could eat a thing but Patricia is a fabulous cook and her filete de res was cooked perfectly. Roasted potatoes and green beans. We couldn't resist. By night time, the temperature had dropped, the fireplace was lit and the room was cozy. Just right for lingering over the table with a glass of wine and talking.

It was a different Christmas Day but it was a memorable Christmas Day.

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