Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day

Although the origins of Boxing Day, December 26, are a bit confused, it all seems to come back to the employer or landowner giving of "boxes" of goods or coins to "employees" on the day after Christmas. Now the day after Christmas has taken on a new meaning. In the USA it is a day celebrated by merchants and buyers alike. Buyers flock to the stores to see how much merchandise has been discounted and they buy, buy, buy. The malls and parking lots are overwhelmed as people arrive early to be the first in line when the doors open. The merchants seem to compete to see who can open their stores the earliest. Forget 10:00 AM, how about 8:00 or even 6:00 AM.

Today in SMA, I didn't see discounted merchandise but talk about the crowds.....they were out in force. The traffic in the Centro was terrible....bumper to bumper everywhere. The narrow sidewalks were shoulder to shoulder. As Ned and I walked in the Artisan's market, I heard snippets of conversation....."After I get the mask, then I'm through," "I need to go back to that shop on Canal," and "I gotta have that." I'm not sure what some of the Mexicans were saying but in some of the vendor's stalls, we saw Mexicans looking for some special a fruit bowl.

There must be something about the day after Christmas that makes people keep opening their pocketbook. In the USA and in Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

We noticed the same thing in Coatepec yesterday - the park was like it is on a Sunday; At the ATM machine there was a line around the block; the Mercado and stores were bulging with people? We will have to find out what it means - In the mean time I am headed to the Mountain Retreat ;-)Talk to you Saturday.