Friday, November 04, 2005

Yoda and the Little Devil

This is another small world story. We are in Mexico....about a 1000 miles from the Grandchildren but with the magic of cyberspace I can keep up with the little "grandboys." Between the Vonage phone (Voice over the Internet Protocol) and the internet, we stay "connected."

Doug and Susan sent these pictures of their boys ready for Trick or Treating. Max is into StarWars and he is Yoda....just in case you didn't guess.

Dexter who is seven months old was ......................
Hope this costume doesn't turn out to be a self fulfilling prophesy but he is full of himself.

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Brenda said...

Hi, no homesickness yet. Everything still new here yet and lots of exploring left to do, missed the grandchildren on Halloween a bit though. Landlords grandchildren were hilarious though. I, too noticed the lack of adults going with the children trick or treating. A general feeling of well being among everyone. Found the peanut butter and bought 2 jars.