Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dining Out

Dining Out.....Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. It is a busy schedule but someone has to do it.

Saturday we did the Houston Art Crawl with Leah and Ken. We hit a couple of spots where there are numerous artists studios within walking distance of each other. Well you know how it is, after four hours of looking at art, we were famished. So off to dinner at Patrenellas which is close to home. It isn't easy to get in on a Saturday night but Sammy Patrenella slipped us in as quickly as possible.

Dinner with Guy and Debbie at their house on Sunday. They like to cook so dinner with them is always a treat. Guy made the most interesting couscous thing in a Ramekin. He lined the bottom of the Ramekin with thinly sliced grilled zucchini, packed in a great mixture of couscous, then topped it with more zucchini. This was baked then served with a great sweet red pepper sauce. Debbie served a sauteed spinach and grouper crusted with nuts. But what is always great with Guy and Debbie are the conversations. Guy is taking a class about what do you do with the second half of life. Some thought provoking discussions for those of us living the second half.

Monday, Betsy, daughter-in-law, called and said come for dinner. Her Mom and Dad, Jack and Nancy, have arrived for the holidays. Jack and Nancy are not only our extended family but they have become friends. So we went there for dinner. Betsy made a chicken dish....quite delicious. Nancy made cornbread to go with it and I made a Caesar salad. Mike and Betsy have a big kitchen so it is fun to cook, sit, talk and drink a little wine.......well sometimes more than a little.

We'll see the Goldesberrys tonight. Nancy and Oliver own Goldesberry Gallery that sometimes shows my work. They have visited us in San Miguel and seeing them is always a treat. We have to catch up on what is happening in Houston. Don't know where we are going for dinner yet but it is the conversation that is the most important anyway.

Doug and Susan and their two boys will be here Wednesday evening so dinner will revolve around their arrival.

Thursday is Turkey Day and we will be eating it at Mike and Betsy's house.

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larry miller said...

Its a tough life but I am glad you are getting to enjoy it billie.