Monday, November 21, 2005

And They Say Computers are Time Savers

It is Thanksgiving week and I'm not ready. No not at all. Still too many things to do and I'm not even doing the major cooking. Until today I thought I had it all planned out but suddenly, I'm a day behind.

Although Sam, my computer tech guy was coming, I thought he would be in and out and I'd head off to the grocery store and a few other errands. Sam had found me a inexpensive 128 MB video card to replace the 32 MB card that is on the Houston computer. Putting in a video card doesn't take long but I had realized that I was very low on space on the C hard drive. I had already removed programs that I didn't use often but still there wasn't much room. Photoshop is a space hog even when you have the scratch disk on another drive so I was still in a crunch.

Sam knows lots of secret places for "stuff" to hide and he knows what is needed and what isn't so he did a lot of dumping and cleaning. It made some good space on the C drive. So just as we are finishing up, I try to start PS and it tells me that it doesn't recognize my serial number. Uhoh. Sam jumps back on the keyboard. We didn't dump anything "Adobe" except for something called a download manager.

After a few tries at fixing Photoshop, we call Adobe. We're advised to "remove" Photoshop Creative Suite 2 and reload it. problem. I have a legitimate upgrade copy but it takes time, some serious time, to remove it and reload. Start up again....viola! Working. Whoa....not quite. Photoshop is working but it won't open the Canon 5D RAW camera files through Bridge. Ping! I remember that I had downloaded the new Beta for Camera Raw from Adobe that opens the 5D RAW.

Now I have to go back and find where I downloaded it from Adobe and it isn't a nice straight line from the download site. Finally between the two of us, we have it in it's proper folder and working in Bridge and on the RAW files.

The bottomline is that I thought the new video card would take an hour....maybe a little more. Ha! That computer ate my day.

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horsedooty said...

did you ever have that trouble with your enlarger? No?...I didn't think so.

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