Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Friends

We met some people this week and they don't feel like new friends....they feel like old friends.

Several months ago we had an email from Melinda who had gotten our email address from Steve our financial advisor. She told him that they were thinking about coming to visit San Miguel so Steve told her to contact us for more information about the town. Steve has had us on his financial talk radio show to discuss living in Mexico in retirement. In fact, the idea of retiring to Mexico intrigued Steve enough that he brought his family down for a visit to check it out.

Melinda had questions about San Miguel. We exchanged email and phone calls a few times before they arrived so we wanted to meet them. Melinda and Richard and their friends Kay and Tony arrived last Friday. We invited them over for a glass of wine on Tuesday. Although they have never traveled in Mexico before, they love San Miguel and they were adjusting to Mexico. When they arrived, the telephone in the house they rented wasn't working. It took a few days to get it fixed but they managed to laugh about it.

Both couples are from the Baytown area and we heard the story about their evacuation in the face of Rita, they heard about living here in San Miguel, we talked about family and talked and talked as we sat on the new terrace and watched the lights of the city come on.

Enough wine sipping and we needed food but none of us wanted to go someplace so we ordered pizza from Juanitas, the little pizza place around the corner. The talk moved inside to the dining room table. When they left, I knew we would stay in touch. We are now old friends and I think they will be back to San Miguel before too long.

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