Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day Trip - Queretaro

I was going to tell you about the city of Queretaro but when I went to do some research, I found that one of my favorite sites, Mexicanwave had several comprehensive essays about the City and the State so I'll just let you read about it there.

We go to Queretaro about once a month to do some shopping and we have skirted the City limits as we have driven from the Mexico City airport to other points in our journeys in Mexico but from some reason, which I can't remember now, we had never spent time in Queretaro. It is a wonderful colonial city. We went over on Thursday just to go into the historic centro. We explored but I can see that I need to go back many times because we didn't have time to cover all that there is to see.

I've started putting up some of the images from Thursday but it is going to take me a day or two to process them. So please check back to Flickr. The two pictures I've included in this post are from a Graphic Arts School. Just color.....but Queretaro is a very colorful city.

While we were there we ate comida at a sidewalk cafe and had a wonderful cabrito. I had the camera right beside me and had taken a picture of the bread basket and salsa that they served us first but when the cabrito plate arrived it looked so delicious that all thoughts of photographing it went from my mind and I never thought about it again until the plate was clean. So I'll have to order cabrito the next time we go over just so I can photograph it for you. I just hope that the next time I don't forget.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I want that lime green garbage can! Even the refuse process is more colorful - you gotta love it ;-)
Calypso John

Steve Bridger said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Billie. You already know that Queretaro is my favourite city. Still underrated, I think.