Monday, October 31, 2005

Blue Skies and Wind

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sky was so unbelievable blue. It was cool in the morning but warmed up very quickly. About 3:00 PM a very brisk cool wind picked up. Just a typical San Miguel Fall day.

My friend Debbie has been visiting for the past week and she is a photographer like me. We have been "shooting" away. Yesterday, we headed out with our cameras, stopped in the Sunday market on Calle Heroes. Then on in to the centro. We walked through the stalls selling sugar skulls, candles and the paper cutouts for Dia de los Muertos. We traveled up Reloj to the mercado de artesanos. From there we wandered though that market and into the vegetable market and finally ended up back at the house in time for a short Siesta before Chris and Laura came to go to Comida.

Chris is the son of my friend Dick and he and Laura are here on their honeymoon. We walked down to Don Quijote and sat in the Patio for a lovely comida, then back to the house for some more visiting over a bit of tequila and wine.

When they left it wasn't late but we haven't adjusted to the time change and we all felt like it must be time for bed. We forced ourselves to stay up a little longer in hopes that soon our internal timeclocks will be on daylight savings time. But it was a lovely day in San Miguel de Allende.

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