Monday, October 10, 2005

Contemporary Mexican

Most of the houses that are built here in San Miguel are Colonial Style. But yesterday we went for cocktails at Anne and Jay's new Hacienda. Contemporary.....somewhat in the style of Barrigan but so beautifully done. Inside the entrance to the house is a water wall and the house goes up from the street through a desert garden. I'm so impressed with everything about the house. They had a wonderful architect who thought of every detail and executed everything to a high degree of precision. The house is contemporary and very modern but it is a very warm modern...not a minimalist modern.

One of my favorite writers about architecture is Sarah Susanka whose first book "The Not So Big House" was so helpful to us when we were building our house in Houston. She writes about thinking about the spaces you use and be sure that every space in your house is used daily. Anne and Jay gave a lot of thought to their house and how they lived. It isn't a small house but there isn't any wasted space. I am going to photograph the house for Anne and Jay and maybe I'll get to post a few pictures at a later date.

They served appetizers from a Lebanese Restaurant which were a delightful treat. We met some new people and visited with old friends. It was a lovely cocktail party.

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