Saturday, September 24, 2005


Sanmiguelada, the running of the bulls was today. The Sanmiguelada is like Spring Break for college kids. Like Spring Break in the USA, it is the bars and discos that profit handsomely from the event which has been taking place in San Miguel de Allende since 1973.

The kids started arriving yesterday so early into this morning we could hear the music faintly wafting across the town into our bedroom window. By this morning the town was overrun with cars and young people. There are laws about bringing liquor into town and usually some is confiscated from trunks of cars but the kids seem to be able to buy enough in the bars to reinforce their courage in facing down the bulls.

Everyone was up and on the street by noon in "the uniform" of blue jeans, white shirt, straw hat and red kerchief tied around the neck. The plaza becomes so packed that it is almost impossible to move. The bulls are unloaded into the main plaza and the young men surround them ready to run if the bull charges. Actually it is more fall back into the masses rather than run. As usual, some of the young men were hurt and carted off to the hospital. Another San Miguel blogger captured some pictures of the crowds.

After a while the bulls are loaded back on to the trucks and the party begins. It will go on well into Sunday morning. Many of the residents of the town leave for a few days rather than deal with the chaos of this weekend and next weekend which will be the Festival of San Miguel.

Others of us cope by having a party of our own. Joan and Mel invited friends for a pot luck comida and to watch the Running of the Bulls on TV. Watching it on TV is really the only way to see it.

Joan and Mel have a beautiful house in our neighborhood with a large patio and portico. Joan uses much color in her house. One wall maybe egg-yolk yellow, another salmon, a molding of fern greens and a ceiling of sky blues. You don't notice the riot of color. You just feel surrounded by warmth. But when you really start to look you realize how skillfully she has used color to create this feeling. The patio has the finest specimen of a pepper tree I have ever seen. There was a lot of good food and a lot of good conversation.

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