Sunday, September 25, 2005

San Miguel Awakening

Sunday morning quiet dotted with the ring of church bells
Crisply colored buildings in slanting light
Hillsides outlined in soft haze not yet burned away
Soft cool breeze slightly rippling Independence Day flags
Pigeons searching the ground for crumbs dropped
Roosters crowing to encourage the sun's march across the sky
Bent old woman making a daily pilgrimage up the hill to church
Jose returning with pan dulces from the bakery

I wish I could capture all of these in one photograph but maybe it is a multimedia experience. I think of the movie Frida and how the videographer captured the smokey parties, the heat, the noise, the sexual tension, the very atmosphere. Stephen, my friend, photographs with an 8x10 camera and with his dinner party series, probably captures more "atmosphere" of peopled environment than anyone I know in one image. And another friend, Frank, has been playing with a technique of photographing an event over time that captures the ebb and flow.

Always challenges to create but this morning I think I'll pull up my chair a little closer to the window and let myself be emerged in San Miguel Awakening.

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