Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

We are in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Hurricane Rita, category 4 storm, is out in the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico. Our other house is in Houston, Texas. The storm will probably make landfall somewhere on the Texas coast. Some models bring it in near Galveston which is on the coast just 50 miles from Houston. An article in the Houston Chronicle from several months ago outlines what this could mean for Houston.

So you might be wondering are we headed for Houston. No we aren't. We don't know what we would do if we went back. Board up windows? Our windows are 5 feet wide and 8 foot tall. In the living area on top of those windows is another set of windows that are 5 feet wide and 3 foot tall. IF we could get plywood, how would we get up high enough to put the plywood up on the high windows and how could we handle the sheets of plywood.

During tropical storm Allison which dumped 20-30 inches of rain on Houston in a very short time and caused terrible flooding in much of the city, we didn't come anywhere near to being flooded. Buffalo Bayou was very flooded and came to the end of our street but we are maybe 10 to 15 feet higher. Still if there is a significant storm surge from the Gulf, up the Houston Ship Channel to Buffalo Bayou and there is significant rainfall....who knows what might flood in our area. If we came back, we definitely couldn't do anything to stop the flooding. Thankgoodness, we do have flood insurance.

We are tracking the storm but what surprises me is our attitude about it....concerned but calm. We are concerned for our family and friends in Houston and what they need to do. I am worried about my negatives. They are stored on the second floor in many, many 3-ring binders. They won't flood but if windows blow out or we loose the roof, they will be water damaged. The same with family pictures. All the rest is important "stuff" that is a part of our lives and yet, it is "stuff." And we seem to be able to collect "stuff" without even thinking about it.

I don't know if this attitude is because we are older or if it is because we are already letting go of the Houston house to live in full time in Mexico. This attitude surprises me.

All I'm worrying about are family and friends. Now that is truly something to worry about.


Heather said...

I hear it's a category 5 hurricane now. You and yours are in my thoughts. May you all be well.

Still Talking With My Hands said...

I wish I were there, as peaceful and content as you and Ned are. More than likely, your house will survive. If not, I know that you will carry on in San Miguel.