Monday, August 08, 2005

Where is my creative muse?

Have you been wondering what has happened to pictures in this blog?

Well my creative muse has gone on vacation and I want her back! I wish I understood what happens sometimes when the camera suddenly becomes too heavy to pickup. The anticipation of what might be out there to photograph turns to yawn, hohum, maybe tomorrow.

It seems like everytime this happens it is because I've stopped having dates with my Artist soul, my creative muse. You are saying, "What?" I know it sounds a little strange but not if you have read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I first read this wonderful book 10, maybe 12 years ago. It says a lot of things but the two things that Julia advocates as the way to help artist stay in a creative spirit is to write morning pages, three pages in a journal every morning no matter what and secondly is to take time for an Artist date. An artist date is taking the time to do something to refill your soul, your creative spirit....a walk through a garden, a gallery tour, meditation time.....only you can find the right thing for yourself. The reason you need an artist date is because as an artist you are always taking something out so that you can create and you need to take time to put something back in or the well will run dry.

I think that with all the photography I did up through June and the construction efforts since we came back to San Miguel de Allende, my well is running mighty low.

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