Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sometimes I surprise myself

I hate making any changes in my computer's innards. I'm never sure I'm doing it right or if everything is going to play nice once I've done it. And if all the parts don't play nice, then I could spend hours of time trying to figure it out before I finally give up and phone a technician.

Well, I had bought another external hard drive. I already had one external hard drive. I wanted them both connected to the computer at the same time. I read the installation instructions....nothing about 2 external hard drives. Some of my techie friends said, "Oh, you can PROBABLY daisy-chain the two together if they are on firewire." The PROBABLY made me into a procrastinator for about two months until finally the Hard drive on the laptop was too full. I had to take off about 25 Gigs of images. With lots of deep breaths, I turned off the laptop, plugged in the new hard drive, attached the firewire cable from it to the old external hard drive, turned on both of the external hard drives, turned on the computer.

I surprised worked!


Anonymous said...

Hi Billie - Over the years I have met a lot of people that bought a camera and became photographers - NOT! I just viewed your Buffalo Bayou series, WOW woman you have a terrific eye and certainly have every right to call yourself a professional. I especially like the flood photo looking at the slope of a hill with the tall straight buildings in the distance - what great composition, just stunning! The bridge image is also outstanding. A while back I viewed a LOT of yourimages you have stored on Flicker - what great stuff.
Best Regards - John CALYPSO

BillieS said...

John, Many thanks. The commission included Flood #2, Tributary, Magnolia, and REflections. Billie