Saturday, July 02, 2005

Thunder, Lightning, Wind and RAIN

About three weeks ago I wrote that it was the rainy season but we didn't have any rain, just clouds and wind. Finally, Rain! It started Thursday night about 11:00 PM. A hard rain with thunder and lightning. It didn't last too long but during the night I awoke to a soft steady rain....jut the kind we need. Friday was warm and sultry, a little cloudy at times. Late in the afternoon clouds kept rolling across the city. This is from our new terrace back toward town. But we didn't have rain until about 11:00 PM. Great lightning show and rolling thunder. Taylor couldn't take it. He was hanging on the side of our bed begging to get close to someone to protect him. Well of course, he got to cuddle at my feet.

Along with all the farmers around here, we hope that it is now officially the rainy season. Still I find it interesting that the rains started just as we started painting the outside of the house. Maybe outside painting works as well as prayers.

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