Friday, July 01, 2005

Construction - Week 13

This project may have an end in sight. Although on Monday, I was in doubt. Monday the albanils came to clean-up. I thought they were just going to wash the stairs but they applied an acid that left the old stairs from the first floor to the second floor looking horrible. The only way to fix it was to come back and chip off the surface. Sooo......we had another two days with two people constantly chip, chip, chip all day long. In the end, it turned out okay. Now we can finally have an entry into the living area and the Virgen of Guadalupe can have roses again.

Constrution - Week 13

Probably the most important thing that was accomplished this week was the sewer connection.

Construction - Week 13

I suggested that the plumber listen to our bedroom toilet flush because it sounds like it comes down the wall in the corner of the patio. They dug around and found the line. We were very grateful because there had been some concern that the line might run under the portico. Much easier to dig up the bricks of the patio to put it in. Still there was a lot of conversation between the architect and the plumber about how to do it.

Construction - Week 13

I know that I keep showing this landing and stairs but now we have paint...last week it was just some small paint samples on the wall. I'm pleased with the colors.

Construction - Week 13

This is the new terrace and the new outside paint color. Yes, I do like red! You can see the old paint color on the tower in the background. The plants have been down on the patio are not in very good shape so we will have a lot of work to do to get the terrace garden looking good. At some point, we will add a cover over the terrace similar to the one you see on the back terrace. It will be a nice size space, about 12x12 covered area. That will still leave about a 9x20 open area on the front of the terrace. We have great views.

The electrician will be here again tomorrow to work some more on the wiring and installing the light fixtures that I have ready. I'm not in a rush to put up just anything so it may be a few more weeks before we have all of them in place.

The iron worker will have the banisters ready in about a week. The whole outside of the house has to be painted and the new floors finished but it looks like the end is in sight and we'll be ready for guests soon.

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