Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Short Visit

Middle son, Gary, has been here to visit us in San Miguel de Allende. First time visit to our Mexican house or to San Miguel. Gary has a catering business in Houston and can't just "take" a vacation. It has to be scheduled around clients. Last year he was scheduled to come see us but ended up sick the day he was suppose to come and then was unable to reschedule until now. Even this visit was precarious for a few hours. On the way to the airport his fairly new leased car died on the freeway. By the time a wrecker delivered him and the car to the dealership and his staff was able to reschedule a flight, he was on the 5 something flight. Then because of bad weather that flight didn't leave Houston until after 7:00 PM. We have always said we wouldn't go to the Leon airport for a late flight but for Gary....we did it. The drive through the mountains from Leon to San Miguel wasn't too bad and we arrived back to the house about 11:30 PM. I quickly sauteed some flattened chicken breasts and we had sandwiches then off to bed.

Saturday we showed him around town, had lunch at the fish taco place behind Espinos, and that night we went to a cocktail party at Tom Robinson's then dinner at El Correo Cafe. Sunday we went to the market for supplies for a cocktail party at our house. Since Gary is in the food business he enjoyed seeing how we shop here and what is available. We had lunch at ChaChaCha which Gary really liked. He enjoyed a walk around town. The cocktail party was fun and it was the first time we have been able to do any entertaining since construction began.

Monday was a rainy day or as one of Ned's friends calls it, a tequila day. We got the car and drove to La Aurora to see the galleries and interior design shops. Then on a tour of the town which accidently ended up on a home tour. We stopped to leave a jacket with Jean and got to see her house, their casita, and another house they are building. Then Aaron saw us and said come see his projects. So we got to see his house, the garden that is underway as well as his casita that is almost finished. It was nice for Gary to see these houses because one of his interests is architecture. A comida at Mariscolandia and then Gary treated us to dinner at L'Invito.

Today we took him back to Leon for the 12:30 flight back to Houston. A good visit even if it was a short one. I think Gary will be back....if he can ever schedule around "events."

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