Thursday, June 23, 2005

This Morning

People often ask what do you do in San Miguel de Allende. I don't know that this morning was typical but I'm not sure what a typical day is. What I do know is that this morning was delightful.

Since we are in the midst of a addition to our house here, the first thing every morning seems to be a meeting with the architect or maestro over some building issues. This morning it was about lowering the hot water heater and raising the water tank to get stronger pressure for the hot water in the new laundry and bathroom. The good news was that we have no leaks in the newly installed water lines. This is really good news as it would mean chipping into the new tile and floor.

After that I headed out. I stopped for a few minutes at Joan's house who has just arrived for the next few months. Then over to see another friend who wants to make a career change. I helped people do that in a former life so we talked about what she might want to do. Then off again toward the Centro. But not in a straight, no, no. I zigged and zagged from one side of the street to the other checking out the small stores.

At one where we have bought a number of things for our house here and in Houston, I talked with the owner. He has a metal shelf that isn't for sale but he is getting some like it made and he will have it in a few days. It would be great for our bathroom. He has a lot of mirrors in his store but none were quite what I wanted for the new bathroom. He can have a punched/pressed tin one made for me just exactly the size and design I want. I'm going to recheck the size and talk with him again. Can you imagine the cost of custom designs in the USA? Here it will cost the same or very nearly the same as one he already has in his store. And I'll have it in a week or two.

I haven't been in the galleries for a while so I stopped in them to check out what is new. At ZoHo, Mary and Gerry still are putting up pieces that speak to me. I should buy something quickly because the prices are sneaking up and up. At a pottery store, I found a wonderful water jug that my friend Pat who died 1-1/2 years ago would have loved. That made me sad but also glad to know that she is still with me in so many ways.

Next I walked up Umaran to Ralph's lighting store. I may have some wrought iron wall lamps made for beside the bed in the downstairs bedroom. If so, I'll need shades. He has some great ones. He said not problem. He will make lampshades that fit in any color or fabric I want. Also visited with another friend from my Colonia who was in his store. Then on up the street to check out a furniture store. Nothing caught my eye there but I looked at my watch and it was 1:30. So I headed back toward the house with stops for things for our dinner.

What a wonderful morning. Exercise, shopping and friends.

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