Wednesday, June 22, 2005

El Puente

El Puente
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El Puente is a new restaurant on Canal near the Quebrada bridge. We had tried it once before and thought it was pretty good. We like to find small restaurants that are operated by a Mexican family because you soon make new friends with them and it feels good to see them become successful. The restaurant is a long narrow building with two stories of dining space but probably not more than 8 tables. It is painted a nice green, with art on the walls and dark green cushions on the chairs. A very pleasant place.

Our friends Diane and Tom arrived at their house from a semester of teaching and living in Morelia. They like to try new places too so we took them. We were glad to see some of the tables occupied.

Ned ordered Enchiladas del portal and Tom ordered Enchiladas Suisas. The last time we were at the restaurant I had chicken and mushroom crepes with a espinaca sauce and it was good. Diane and I decided to order that again. But this time I was surprised.

El Puente

As you can see the sauce is a rather unusual color. The owner said that spinach, parsley, cilantro, green beans, soy, cream and swiss cheese were in the sauce. To me, it looked like there was also food coloring. While the taste was okay, not as "spinachy" as the previous time, but okay, the color was very unappealing and I think affected our enjoyment of the dish.

I want them to succeed and will probably try El Puente again, but I hope that the presentation of the crepes is not GREEN.

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