Saturday, April 30, 2005

MariscoLandia Restaurant

MariscoLandia Restaurant
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We had passed by MariscoLandia restaurant many times. It is just down the street from our house. But it is such a tiny place, just two rooms, maybe 7 tables. And seafood this far from the ocean....could the seafood be good? We had talked to other people who had eaten there. They were still alive. So one day we decided to plunge in. We went, we ordered shrimp cocktails. The "chico" cocktail came in a "malted milk" glass cocked full of small delicious shrimp swimming in a wonderful cocktail sauce with onion, cilantro and avocado. Oh, so good. We too lived to tell of the experience. Since then we have gone back many times and ordered more shrimp cocktails or fish cooked many different ways. Always delicious and fresh. Oh, I forgot to mention the the next best thing about Marisco Landia, the prices...very, very reasonable.


Nell said...

When I visited San Miguel, I went to a restaurant called "Pegaso". It was nice, they had thai food (or something similar). It was not expensive at all.
I wish to return and eat there again. Now I'll add Mariscolandia to our itinerary. Those shrimps look mouthwatering.

BillieS said...

Nell, Pegasos is still here and it is good restaurant. We like their chilis en nogado .... hope that spelling is right.

I'm a OK guy said...

My mouth waters. The last time I was in Tucson I ordered ceviche at several restaurants, all were served almost like a cold soup. it was good but different from what I expected.

Eric Welch said...

Yum! Reminds me of an Italian restaurant last year in Itabira, Brazil (State of Minas Gerais). La Trattoria. What a discovery! I love hole-in-the-wall places. They had a two-barstool bar and five tables. The food was incredible.