Thursday, April 14, 2005

La Palapa Restaurant

La Palapa
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La Palapa Restaurant is an open-sided tent that sits behind a cyclone fence where the ambiance is laid-back....old CD's, stacks of old magazines and good food. Although they serve hamburgers and hotdogs, the speciality is fish tacos. I say "tacos" because you can't eat just one. La Palapa Along with the tacos they also serve salsa Mexicana and a wonderful green sauce that is a secret recipe. We like to order cole slaw along with the fish tacos....some to eat and some to top off the tacos. Add a cold cerveza and what more could you ask for.

From what I hear Fish tacos originated on Mexico's west coast and traveled up the coast line becoming a popular treat in San Diego. Now you can find them in many places. Nancy and Jeff Gerlach document their search for the perfect fish taco, Baja-Style. I've watched the "chef" at La Palapa cooking the tacos and I think that their recipe comes closest to the way he prepares them. If you are interested in fish tacos, I think you will enjoy this whole article as well as the recipe for the fish tacos and salsas to serve with them.

By the way, if the fish tacos at La Palapa aren't enough, they also have some of the best carrot cake in town.

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