Sunday, April 10, 2005


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One of the things I'm learning to love more and more about Mexico is Comida. It is the main meal for the Mexicans, served in the early afternoon.

Some friends gave a lovely fiesta in their garden that is surrounded by the house with deep porticos that are furnished with tables where you can sit and eat or deep couches that you can sink into and talk.

First we had many snacks; shrimp, salsas, salmon, tomato on bread with cheese and basil, olives, nuts and maybe even some things I didn't get to sample. Later the comida was served; pork loin with a green salsa, pasta salad, green salads, hotdogs, potato salad and paella.

And much later after we are all sinking into the couches and chairs, out came huge platters of fresh fruits for dessert.

Dare anyone ask why we love Mexico?

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