Tuesday, April 12, 2005

April and Photography

A couple of significant things have happened in regard to photography during the first two weeks of April. One is personal and the other is a public event.

On April 1st, Adobe announced Photoshop CS2. From reading about the new features, I don't see this as a major upgrade except for the transition of the File Browser to Bridge. Although I used File Browser, it seemed to me that my Mac friends had better Browser/file management options. But maybe that is because I didn't try out all the PC options and I didn't do that because I never heard or read about anyone who raved enough about the product they were using to convince me to download or pay for a program. So this part of the upgrade and the upgrades to Camera Raw may be worth the money.

The other thing that is significant for me personally is I'm buying an Epson 4000 printer. I've thought about it since it was announced but the cost of the printer plus also needing additional software like ImagePrint to be able to produce good B&W work that doesn't have unwanted color casts was more money than I wanted to spend. But several things fell into place that made it possible.

Epson is running a rebate.

The vendor also reduced the cost of the printer and is paying for the shipping.

I've gotten some very good reports about the B&W output from Roy Harrington's Quadtone RIP. QTR is a very reasonably priced shareware program that I understand now has a good interface....so maybe even I can use it.

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