Saturday, April 16, 2005

Construction - Week 2

Week 2
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This week brought more pounding and demolition but it also included walls and poured concrete vertical and horizontal supports. The image you see was on Friday morning before they poured the support at the top of the wall. On Thursday while they were knocking out that "hole" we had debris falling down the stairs. And just in case you are wondering about the vertical is "standing" on bricks and it is holding up the roof of the stairwell. If you want to see the rest of the progress from the week go to flickr You might want to go thru the pictures individually rather than as a slide show so that you can read the explanation of what you are seeing.

One good thing that came during the night was the idea of eliminating the door at the top of the stairs and knocking out as much of the wall as we can at the landing. I had been worried about the choppy spaces at the top of the stairs but with no door and about 6 feet of wall gone, it becomes a much better open space. Even the architect liked the idea!

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