Sunday, July 05, 2009

Moving In

Since we are going to be in Houston until Ned finishes his cancer treatment, we've moved into an apartment in a mid-rise condo near the Galleria. This gives us another chance to test condo living.

We took a one-bedroom apartment that is fully furnished right down to the wine glasses. All we had to do was bring our clothes and toothbrush. This is the first time in about 10 years that we have had wall-to-wall carpet. While I like hardwoods and tile, it is kind of nice to walk around barefooted on the carpet.

Then, we had to go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping here is such a shock. The fruits and vegetables are abundant in variety and quantity but they are so much more expensive than shopping in the mercados of Mexico. Meats are more expensive as well. I'll make my usual complaint.....chickens are too big. You can not fry a four to five pound chicken. Well, I guess you can if you can fry a turkey but it doesn't taste like the fried chicken of my youth. I did find a 3-1/2 pound chicken that was organic, free-range, etc., etc., but it cost about $8.50. Yes, that is right $8.50 for a 3-1/2 pound chicken. I hate to admit that I bought it. I WANT fried chicken. Other than that, I tried to be a careful shopper and looked for specials and store brands, still check-out was sticker shock.


Jonna said...

What a pretty place. It's clear that the two of you are busy making lemonade :) I'm interested in the reverse culture shock aspect, seeing something we used to know well from a new perspective is interesting. Hugs to you both.

Nancy said...

It looks very serene and pretty, I imagine it will be a nice place to come home to after a day of dealing with health issues. And kind of nice to check out condo living... Paul and I think about it sometimes, we would love to hear your observations.

And I think you guys both deserve a big dose of comfort food, whatever it is!

Frankly Ronda said...

Very inviting digs.

I am not looking forward to the increased cost of living when we return.

La Familia Lopez Robinson said...

I've been thinking about you and Ned a lot as he's going through treatments. I second that - enjoy the comfort food!!!

Heather said...

Mmmm fried chicken sounds good. I'd love to make that and potato salad when things settle down here and our second twin comes home from the hospital. The condo looks fabulous!

carolyn brown said...

Billie: I's so impressed by your photos of Mexico. Your work speaks to me. They are photos I wish I had taken. You may see my work at www.carolynbrownmexico. We are of the same generation. carolyn