Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saturday Morning Shopping

Here it is Wednesday. I started this blog on Saturday. That seems to be what is happening to the blog and why it has been almost two months since I wrote anything. I have something to write about but by the time I'm able to write it, the material is out of date. I don't know what is going to happen to the blog but on Saturday I saw a friend who encouraged me in an email later that day to keep writing.
I think what I enjoy most about your blog is your appreciation of and commentary on quite ordinary aspects of daily living in Mexico and Mexican culture.
That is nice, isn't it. Her comments certainly encourage me to keep up the blog even if I'm not quite timely with my entries. So here we go with Saturday..............
Saturday was a beautiful day so with the iPhone in my pocket I went over to the organic market. This market has grown and gets better every time I go to it. Certainly there is produce but also you will find breads, cheeses and prepared food like quiches
There are more people coming and I love all the food stands...a great place to eat desayuno or an early comida.
 I bought some wonderful bread, arugula, sweet potato, dill and green onions. I would have bought more but it is just me at my house and I like to buy fresh produce every day or two.

I'm sorry but this description doesn't do the organic market justice. Yes, there are wonderful products but also it is the atmosphere. There are dogs on leashes, children sitting down in the grass with a snack to munch on, children running and playing, great conversations with the vendors, people at tables relaxing under the trees with their tacos, burritos or whatever they have bought, friends standing around just talking, pop-up bandas playing and singing for a little donation. It really makes you feel good to be there.

I left the market and decided to walk to a new store called Olio Fino that has recently opened. They sell a wide variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Before I got there I saw some friends in Cafe Monet. They are leaving soon so we had a wonderful talk about our plans for the next six months.
When I was in Denver this summer I saw another olive oil and vinegar store. It was very grand and this new store in San Miguel is just as grand. Who knew there could be so many kinds of olive oils and vinegars....but there are. I am amazed that right here in San Miguel we have the very same kind of store. I needed some olive oil. After tasting several, I chose one.

As I walked home I thought about all of the food changes I've seen in San Miguel since we bought our house almost eleven years ago. But I'll save that discussion for another blog. The sun, the bustle in the market, meeting friends on the street, trying something new, walking.....Saturday morning shopping.....it is one of the reasons I'll keep living here.


billow said...

Hey, Billie, count me in. I love your blog too and I check it regularly to see if there is more interesting posts with photos.


Steve Cotton said...

And you know my vote. You helped draw me to Mexico with your prose and photographs.

Babs said...

YEAH, a post! It makes my heart so happy.........keep on writing!

Phil said...

I check almost daily for a new post from San Miguel. Also, I look forward to more photos, that is what hooked me in the first place. Have you tried the Epson recently?

Anonymous said...

I moved to San Miguel on the strength of your blog and I wasn't wrong. I am so happy to read your thoughts and see your photographs.
Please keep writing - you have a secret place in my heart.


Billie said...

Phil, are you asking about my Epson printer? Yes, I use it regularly. It is operating just fine.

Billie said...

Grace, thank you. I'm very humbled when I hear that my writing has had such an impact on someone. Somehow I think you would have found San Miguel anyway.

Paul said...

Bille: You make the place sound so lovely and inviting. I'm sure that it is, too.